About Us

Peace Ambassadors Advocacy Network

The Peace Ambassadors Advocacy Network is a Non-Governmental and Non-Partisan Organization (an Affiliate of the International Association of World Peace Advocates, a World Class Organization With United Nations Ecosoc Special Consultative Status Since 2019). We are also affiliated with Peace Mission Awards, Global Network for Anti-corruption Initiative and International Human Rights Movement. Our sole aim is to unite Nigerians for sustainable development, promote peace and unity, educate, sensitize on equality, conflict resolution, and empower Nigerians to participate actively in Nation Building.







Our Vision

Creating a robust body of Peace Ambassadors across the length and breadth of Nigeria, talking the talk and walking the talk of unity, faith, peace, gender equality and progress.

Our Mission

To empower individuals and communities through education, awareness campaigns, grassroots initiatives and economic Transformation for sustainable development.


We have a mission aimed at annual recruitment and onboarding of public-spirited and socially conscious individuals into a Peace Ambassadors of Nigeria cohort for the years.

Overall Objective

* This cohort will use their platforms across traditional and social media to canvass for and advocate Peace and unity within the Nigerian borders.
* This is geared at amplifying the efforts of Government and the 3rd sector towards national integration and gravitas for building a greater Nigerian nation and people; devoid of insecurity, armed banditry, terrorism and apathy.
* Creating a robust body of Ambassadors across the length and breadth of Nigeria, talking the talk and walking the talk of Unity, Faith, Peace, gender equality and Progress

Board Members

Members of the Board of the Peace Ambassadors Advocacy Network Nigeria.

Amb. Onuche Kingsley Itodo

Board President

Lt. Col. A.Y Bello

Board Member

Amb. (Hon) Elaine Ibru-mukoro Obukome

Board Member

Amb. (Hon). Engr. Andrew Onu Adama

Board Member

Chief (Amb) Regina Yaboh Krawzick

Board Member


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