Peace Ambassadors Initiative to foster inclusive culture, human dignity, peace among Nigerians

The Peace Ambassadors of Nigeria Initiative is developing a culture of peace by empowering young minds and promoting human rights, dignity, equality, and respect for diversity through education, advocacy, and other non-violent actions.

In an interview with The Guardian, Chief Executive Officer, African Contemporary Entertainment, and founder of The ‘1000 Nigerian Peace Ambassadors Initiative,’ Amb. Onuche Kingsley Itodo, disclosed that the mission is geared at amplifying efforts of government and private sector toward national integration and gravitas for building a greater nation, devoid of insecurity, armed banditry, terrorism, and apathy.

Also to create a robust body of ambassadors across Nigeria, talking the talk and walking the talk of unity, faith, peace, and progress.

Speaking further, Itodo said the ambassadors are a group of Nigerians and global peacemakers with sterling humanitarian qualities, who have valuably contributed to stirring humanity with all forms of sincerity in the society they belong, to by touching lives, promoting peace, reaching out to the poor, and other selfless service rendered.

According to him, “they serve as advocates for values of human rights, world peace, and intercultural understanding. They also bring these values to their communities’ youth projects and work with young people.”

Specifically, he stressed that other objectives include the appointment of socially conscious and civic-minded people annually into the Nigeria Peace Ambassadors cohort.

Having made it through the vigorous screening and selection process by the independent audit committee, he added that “this year’s Peace Ambassadors would receive their awards certificate on September 24, 2022, in Abuja.

This year’s cohort will use their platforms across traditional and social media to advocate peace and unity within the Nigerian borders. This is one of the objectives of the initiative.

Itodo stated further that all recipients of the Peace Ambassador Award Certificate will become members of the Peace Ambassadors Network (NPAN).

He listed some of the recipients as Mai Mala Bunu Governor of Yobe State, Haj. Princess Hadiza Ibrahim, Muhammad Jibrin (Barde). Amb Wilfred Bonse, Alh Abdullahi Yakubu (MAI-DOYA), Mr. Ali Kogi Founder Fricaa, Sarkin Tafarkin Doma), Founder of Project Grey Elderly Care Initiative, Vera David-Emesiobum Doudeyeh, Abubakar Shehu Kaikai, Dr. Dubem Oguegbu, Executive Director, Cubana Group, Elaine Obukome Ibru-mukoro, Chief Regina Yaboh Krawzick, Amb. Marshall Barbara Imomion and others.

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