Impact-Driven Projects and Programs

1000 Peace Ambassador

The 1000 Peace Ambassador Award is a non-governmental and non-partisan award registered under the Peace Mission Awards and also affiliated with the International Association of World Peace Advocates with the sole aim of Uniting Nigerians for sustainable development. The programme also promotes peace and unity, educates, sensitizes on equality, conflict resolution, and empowers Nigerians to participate actively in nation building.

  • FAQS
Individuals who are passionate about peace and unity, irrespective of their background, can become Peace Ambassadors.
The program welcomes participants of all ages who share a commitment to promoting peace and sustainable development.
The benefits include recognition for efforts in promoting peace, opportunities for networking with like-minded individuals, and a platform to actively contribute to nation-building initiatives.
Interested individuals can visit the official website and follow the application guidelines provided. Typically, the application process involves submitting relevant information and a statement outlining the applicant's commitment to peace.

Nigeria Pad Bank Project

On this International Girl Child Day, [11/10/23], we are proud to announce the launch of the Nigeria Pad Bank project, PAD A GIRL, initiated by 1000 PEACE AMBASSADOR. This project aims to promote menstrual hygiene awareness and provide support for girls in need. It is a shining example of women supporting women and showcases the selfless humanitarian efforts of two remarkable individuals. We believe that every girl child deserves to be safe and secure. With her passion and commitment, she aims to change the narratives surrounding menstrual hygiene and cultivate the belief that women can support each other selflessly. The Nigeria Pad Bank project is not just about raising awareness for menstrual hygiene; it is a game-changer for the girl child and aims to set new milestones for future generations. It symbolizes the power of women supporting women and emphasizes the importance of providing a safe and secure environment for girls to thrive. "We believe that no pain should be in vain, and our girl child deserves to be protected," "Through the Nigeria Pad Bank project, we are creating a platform for women to support each other, to understand and share the experiences of girlhood. Together, we can make a positive impact and empower our girls for a brighter future." The Nigeria Pad Bank project, PAD A GIRL, is a step towards changing lives and fostering a society where every girl child receives the support and care she deserves. We invite everyone to join us in this noble cause and contribute to the betterment of our communities.

Peace Advocacy Sensitization

Peace – a most fundamental asset to community building, to personal growth, and to the very survival of our planet. At the heart of many faiths, practices, and cultures, advancing peaceful co-existence is essential to ensuring productive, meaningful lives and sustainable societies. After providing a working definition of peace, our main focus will be on practical steps one can take to advance peace, so that we can strengthen ourselves and our communities. We’ll supplement this guidance with examples throughout. These come from initiatives stimulated by the Charter for Compassion, its partner organizations, and many others who offer practical models that individuals, groups, and/or governments can employ for peace-building. We will also consider how we, as individuals, can be enriched by establishing peace within our individual lives, even in the most challenging of circumstances.