Kirti, Thavrani Harps on Effective Partnership for Greater Good

Kirti, Thavrani Harps on Effective Partnership for Greater Good

Ambassador Kirti Sudhanshu and Ambassador Harish Thavrani have emphasised the need to form credible partnerships to achieve greater good in the society.

The partnership between Ambassador Kirti Sudhanshu and Ambassador Harish Thavrani is a testament to the power of like-minded individuals coming together to restore humanity without any expectations.

Partnerships for the greater good refer to collaborations and strong partnerships that foster mutual benefit for all members involved. Such partnerships can lead to several benefits, including sustainability, increased innovation, and increased trust and cooperation among members.

The two kind-hearted, humble, and selflessly supportive individuals, share a profound belief in empowerment and leaving a lasting legacy.

This unique alliance operates on a 60/40 basis, with Ambassador Harish at the age of 60 and Ambassador Kirti at the age of 40.

These two Samaritans have joined forces to complete each other, forming a perfect example of enthusiasm and experience.

Amb Kingsley, the founder of 1000 Peace Ambassadors, stated that their partnership exemplifies the ideal balance of skills and wisdom needed for success.

Ambassador Kirti firmly believes that everyone is born for a reason, and to fulfill their purpose, they require an equal partner. This partnership goes beyond considerations of age, gender, color, or caste. It is rooted in shared mindsets and beliefs. Since day one, Ambassador Harish Thavrani has been a patron for KIRTI KKF, teaching her that kindness knows no boundaries.
While material wealth may come and go, nurturing good souls remains an enduring task.

Similarly, Ambassador Harish Thavrani, known for his generosity and altruistic endeavors since his arrival in Lagos 35 years ago, has shown unwavering interest and support for the noble cause of the 1000 Peace Ambassador’s launch project, the Nigeria Pad Bank.

With the addition of Ambassador Harish Thavrani, a strong-minded and experienced individual, we are honored to have his presence among us. Amb Kingsley believes that every story matters and encourages all individuals to boldly showcase their own narratives. We all bear the responsibility of shaping our society. Let us join hands and foster friendship, working together for the betterment of humanity. Be part of our inspiring journey.

1000 Peace Ambassadors is a global initiative dedicated to promoting peace, harmony, and positive change in communities worldwide. Through various projects and collaborations, the organization aims to create a network of individuals committed to making a meaningful difference in society.

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