About the Award

The 1000 Peace Ambassador Award is a non-governmental and non-partisan award registered under the Peace Mission Awards and also affiliated with the International Association of World Peace Advocates with the sole aim of Uniting Nigerians for sustainable development. The programme also promotes peace and unity, educates, sensitizes on equality, conflict resolution, and empowers Nigerians to participate actively in nation building.


Individuals who are passionate about peace and unity, irrespective of their background, can become Peace Ambassadors.
The program welcomes participants of all ages who share a commitment to promoting peace and sustainable development.
The benefits include recognition for efforts in promoting peace, opportunities for networking with like-minded individuals, and a platform to actively contribute to nation-building initiatives.
Interested individuals can visit the official website and follow the application guidelines provided. Typically, the application process involves submitting relevant information and a statement outlining the applicant's commitment to peace.
While the award focuses on uniting Nigerians, it is not limited to Nigerian citizens. Individuals from diverse backgrounds who share the mission of promoting peace and unity are encouraged to participate in the Peace Ambassador program.


The appointment as recipient of Peace Ambassadors of Nigeria honorary Award is open to well meaning adult members of the public who have met our conditions. The Appointment shall be categorized as follows:

Nigeria Eminent Peace Ambassador (Amb)
Justice for Peace (JP)
Young Peace Ambassador (YPA)
MDG Peace Ambassador (MPA)
Tourism Peace Ambassador (TPM)
Culture of Peace Ambassador.

Steps To Become Peace Ambassador of Nigeria.
Recommendation on prescribed form
Attendance at Peace orientation
Hoisting of Flag

Your Entitlements:
1. Provision of Peace Ambassadors Car Plate Number which comes with (Allocation Paper & Peace Ambassadors of Nigeria ID Card )
2. Recommendation of your person to International Organizations.
3. Recommendation of (If any) your NGO, School, Church, Mosque, Palace Chiefs, CBO, and FBO to foreign associations for partnership.
4. Provision of support service to any of your establishment when needed.
5. Recommendation of your personality to any Government for conferment of their National Honour.
6. Recommendation of your Participation in various International conferences and connecting you to United Nations.
7. Participation for conflict resolution anywhere in the world.
8. Co-hosting and presentation of International flags at any place of your choice.

1. Two photographs for the registration and processing of your nomination.
2. Profile (CV) for preparing your citation and internet publication.
3. The award is entirely FREE which is in recognition of your contribution of peace in State of Origin or/and Residence but to dignify the event, you are expected to make Voluntary Contribution which covers the provision of your items for your decoration as a Nigeria Peace Ambassador with a Global Status.
Provision of Award Certificate and International ID Card.
Provision of your Peace Mufflers, Pin-up and badge for decoration
Provision of your UN Material on Peace Development
Provision of UN-SDG Material on specially customized hardcopy
Inclusion of your Gate/Conference passes for a renewable period of 1yr.

Recipients of the 1000 Peace Ambassador Award

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